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3 Ways Art Makes You Happy

Christians hundreds of years ago knew that the chief purpose of mankind was "to glorify God and enjoy Him forever" (The Westminster Shorter Catechism). What better way to glorify God than to live a creative life full of art and beauty? It makes life enjoyable and can even make you happier!

1. Art Changes Your Focus

 View this painting in  The Shop

View this painting in The Shop

It has been said that worry is negative meditation. How do we change those looping, negative thoughts? By replacing them with a positive mindset! After about an hour of painting, my mind shifts from the left brain to the right. The right brain is creative, focused and peaceful. When I'm not painting, I'm gathering inspiration on Pinterest or going to cool places to find beautiful things or people to photograph. Even cleaning my yard and redecorating my house fills my life with beauty and joy. The art life keeps our focus positive and relieves the strife life inevitably throws our way.

2. Art Slows You Down

Americans are always in a hurry. After living in South America for almost a decade, I had a new perspective on our culture. We are so hurried, we hardly have time to talk or think deeply or even breath deeply! When I am in a frenzied hurry, I get frustrated very easily. "How dare that guy go the speed limit in the passing lane?!"

Painting requires a lot of observation and creative decision-making. The right brain loses track of time and of worries. No waiting, no impatience. A 3-hour painting session seems to fly by and afterwards I am calm and happy! Even if my painting didn't turn out well, I'm glad for the time spent in that healing mental state and for the practice and experience I gained.


3. Art Gives You Confidence

Doing something creative on a consistent basis is exciting because of the progress you see in your skill level over time. Sharing your art with others brings positive feedback, which is a confidence booster. Giving away or selling your art is like spreading joy and also makes you feel good about yourself!

Art may not be as practical as tackling your to-do list or balancing your budget, but it is an essential part of being a happy human. Photographing happy little humans always bring me joy!