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Your Homepage

Keep Your Words:

  • understandable (avoid terminology not everyone gets)

  • relatable (keep your reader's needs in mind)

  • brief (the less you write, the more people will read it)

1. The Header & One Liner

Your logo and menu can overlay the header image or can go above it. Limit your menu to 3-5 items so you don't overwhelm the viewer.

Your one liner should be simple and repeatable. It should refer to the problem that you solve for the customer while also mentions the solution. It's your 3-second chance to grab the visitor's attention and keep them on your website.


2. Call To Action #1 - The Freebie

Your goal for your first CTA is to offer something so valuable, people will want to share it. If they share your link, they are doing your advertising for you. Your secondary goal is to collect email addresses so you can deliver your next amazing offer straight to their inboxes.

Be sure your give-away is downloadable and relevant to your business. They should also be your original work, not something readily available on the internet.

Here are some give-away ideas.

  • Free 15-minute consult
  • Free Video from Your Webinars
  • Free Photos
  • Free PDF's
    • Sample Book Chapter
    • Prayer Request Form
    • Budget Form
    • Chore Chart
    • Devotional
    • Checklist

3. Benefits & Features

When you talk about yourself or your business, always keep the visitor in mind. Talk about what you have to offer that will make their life better. But, don't be shy to post a great headshot. A big smile can build trust.

CTA #2 - Your second Call To Action can be a button that leads them to a contact form or to your About page. Make it even more tempting by offering them that free consult. Or send them to your Resources page.

4. The Testimonial

Including a quote from a previous client can also build trust. Remember, trust is key when building any relationship. Show off the authenticity of that testimonial by including a name/city and a photo!

5. Featured Blog Posts

If your website is primarily a blog, you can put your featured blog posts above the fold. But don't include more than three. Too many options may cause people to click away from your website. On the other hand, one popular blog post featured on your website can up your SEO because the visitor will click to your blog, read it and then share it with others.

6. Social Links & Footer

Social Links: Again, limit the links to the social media sites that you keep updated weekly or even daily. Drop the social media sites that don't affect your purpose or bottom line.

Footer: Your footer gives the visitor information they will want without scrolling back to the top of your homepage. You can give them your address, menu, copyright info, and your most important Opt-in.

Do you have questions about your website? I'd love to take a look at it and offer my point of view!

Maria Morris