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Avoiding Overwhelm

If you are a female entrepreneur like myself, during the busy season you have a hundred things thrown at you at once. I know I have become overwhelmed easily in the past, which is why I've developed a strategy to stay sane.

Right now, I have a handful of websites that I'm creating, plus hundreds of little dancers who need their portraits taken, edited and sent to their parents. I have a senior portrait scheduled, my own kids who need braces, and the list goes on.

When I handle the stress well, I absolutely LOVE creating websites and photographing littles. When I let myself get overwhelmed, I have a hard time enjoying anything (and I have a feeling I'm not very enjoyable). Here are my "secrets" to avoid overwhelm even in the busy season.


  • Do what you love, not what others demand.
  • Don't take on unnecessary responsibility.
  • Respect your own prices and policies. If you give in often, you will lose focus and respect and eventually become overwhelmed.
  • Keep a schedule. Batch process. Turn off social media. Multi-tasking and overwhelm are evil cousins.
  • Focus on the positive. See Philippians 4:8-9

Fun Focus Tip: I listen to the Spotify playlist "Entre Los Andes" -- fun, Latin American music that doesn't distract.


  • Focus on the now, taking one day at a time. See Matthew 6:25-34
  • Don't worry. Faith it til you make it. See Proverbs 3:5,6
  • Slow down. God is in control of your universe, not you.

Fun Faith Tip: Write down, paper to pen, 3 faith statements ("I will", "I am") that address your top 3 worries. Ex.: "I will trust the Lord to provide. I am prosperous in all that I do."


  • Drive slower. It's better to arrive late and nice, than on time and grumpy with a speeding ticket.
  • Take a walk or do some yoga even if you think the world will fall apart when you do. Slowing down goes back to faith.
  • Respect the Sabbath. Take a day off each week (even in the busy season) where you only do what centers you. You will be more productive on Monday and less likely to succumb to overwhelm.

Fun Slowing Down Tip: Use the iPhone app Abide to listen to really good prayers that help you meditate in a biblical way. Listen while you walk, clean or lie down.


  • Take time to manage your finances. Take it from me, discovering that you spent all your busy season earnings because you didn't manage your finances is a real bummer.
  • Take time to manage your health. I'm no Chalene Johnson but, I am aware of the link between overwhelm and junk food and lack of exercise.

Fun Stewardship Tip: Save money for specific things in actual envelopes. Watching the cash grow, and even paying for big things in cash is really fun! See Financial Peace

Maria Morris