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Improve Your Photos for Only $20

TOTAL: $20

As a professional photographer, I know how easy it is to spend thousands of dollars on photography equipment. But, I have a cheap secret to help you improve your brand photography no matter what camera (or smartphone) you use.

First, let's avoid the mistakes most amateurs make

Mistake #1 Yucky Lighting

  • Not enough light is yucky
  • Camera flash is yucky
  • Fluorescent light is yucky

Solution: Window Light

Soft window light on a clear day is absolutely beautiful for photographing just about anything.

PRO TIP: Turn off the room lights and increase your ISO to 1600-6400. If you still have too many shadows, use a reflector before you experiment with flash.


Mistake #2 Busy Backgrounds

The most common amateur photographer mistake is to ignore what is behind the subject matter. Unless you have a professional camera that can totally blur your background, keep it white.

Solution: White background and base

Emphasize your product with a simple background. In the diagram, the tri-fold foam core board not only reflects the window light onto the shadow side of the subject matter, it also creates a clean and simple background. The 20x30 foam core is the base. 

PRO TIP: Open your aperture setting below 2.8 for a soft depth of field and blurry background, even with the white background. I used my 35mm lens for the shot below.

Mistake #3 Unedited Photos

I would never show my photos before passing them through Adobe Lightroom and working my magic in Photoshop. But, you don't need expensive software subscriptions to brighten up your photographs. You can do it for free!

Solution: PicMonkey Photo Editor

  • Crop your photo using the rule of thirds for good composition.
  • Brighten the exposure by playing with the slider bars until your photo looks great.
  • Adjust the temperature (under "color") so the photo is warm and sunny but not too yellow.

PRO TIP: Adjust all lighting and color in Lightroom. Brighten your photos in Photoshop with actions from the Florabella Collection.

Mistake #4 Doing Everything Yourself

Your photographs can make or break your brand and directly affect sales.

Solution: Hire a Pro for The Following Photos:

  • Photos on your homepage

  • Your headshot

  • Photos for advertisements

  • Product photos of your top selling or high-priced items.

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Maria Morris