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Is Your Homepage Turning People Away?

Would you put as much information on a highway billboard as you have on your home page?

A passing car only has a few seconds to read a billboard. A potential client will stay 3-5 seconds on your homepage before deciding to scroll or to leave. If they can't process the information quickly they click away to the next thing on their screens screaming for their attention.


"But, I have so much important information they just have to see!" I get it. But, if you can get them to stay on your page long enough to scroll, they will eventually get to that valuable info and even opt-in, giving you their email address or signing up for your next course or making a purchase!

TLDR stands for "too long, didn't read". With the quantity of emails, posts and ads that bombard us daily, people just aren't going to read a lot of text when visiting a new website. Give your information in a focused, prudent manner.

Here are some suggestions to keep your info easy to read:

  • Use bullet points
  • Describe your business with a one-liner over the homepage header.
  • Remember, less is more. The less you write, the more people will read what you write. Same goes for your newsletter & blog posts.

Common Homepage Distractions

I would keep the following off the homepage above the fold:

  • Pop-up boxes - Your opt-in form can be visible in the form of buttons, forms or announcement bars without interrupting the the viewer and forcing them to click something.
  • Ads - You can still generate revenue with ads and affiliate links without cluttering up your homepage. Put them in the footer or in the sidebar of your blog. Be sure they aren't pop-up boxes.
  • Homepage Slideshows - Galleries with advancing photos, or even videos on the homepage are distracting. If the slides have text, it's just plain annoying. Think of your viewers as having ADD and poor reading skills. (I'm a little like that so, I know).

What Your Homepage SHOULD Communicate

  1. What unique thing do you offer me?
  2. How will it solve a problem for me and make life better?
  3. How exactly do I get it?

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