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4 Ways to Deal with Rejection

A few months ago, I decided the seasonal, unstable, irregular income part of being an entrepreneur was just too difficult and that I needed to get a "real" job.

I job hunted all summer long. I interviewed for graphic design positions, nanny positions, office positions etc. I sent resumes and portfolios and cover letters. All. Summer. Long.

15 bazillion (more or less, I'm not good with math) rejections later, I'm still a self-employed artist & photographer. The realization that I am not an easy hire was a tough pill to swallow. Am I too old? Did I stay home with my kids too many years? Did I say the wrong things during the interview?

    After a bag of Doritos and a Netflix binge, I decided to deal with this hopeless feeling of rejection I had. If you are going through the rejection of a job or promotion, rejection from a long-time friend, or perhaps rejection at your church - I think what I learned will help you too.

    1. Lift Up Your Eyes

    When we are constantly thinking about a discouraging situation or relationship, our perspective is off. During a beautiful sunrise, would I photograph my feet? (well, some people on Instagram might) No! I would lift my perspective and focus on what's up above.

    "I will lift up my eyes to the hills — From where shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth." - Psalm 121

    2. Change Your Mind

    "I'm a dinosaur.", "People don't like me.", "What if I had made different choices?" Thoughts like those are like unruly children in Target who need to be buckled in the shopping cart. The Bible tells us to "take into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ" (2 Corinthians 10:5)

    I often journal correct thinking to replace my unruly thoughts. It looks something like this:

    3. Open Your Mouth

    When you feel rejected, don't talk to (or about) the person you feel is rejecting you — talk to yourself! Saying words of affirmation out loud can help snap your brain out of the negativity cycle. It also takes faith to say affirming words like you mean it. Take a walk or a drive alone and say out loud:

    • "Christ loves and accepts me."
    • "I have The Lord's favor wherever I go."
    • "God is working."
    • "I have a very bright future."

    4. Shake It Off

    People have opinions based on their experience and limited understanding of you. Don't let their opinions define you. Don't be angry at them for having opinions or for undervaluing you. Like-minded, positive people will be attracted to you as you become who God made you to be.

    Taylor Swift said it a lot like the Apostle Paul — "Shake it off" or "Shake off the dust" of those who reject you. Don't take their negativity with you. 

    A closed door is usually The Lord guiding and protecting you from getting into situations or relationships that will turn out badly.