maria portrait


KauffmanGardensLR.jpg framedpainting.jpg

"A Day in Thy Courts"

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GrassPlantLR.jpg framedpainting.jpg

"Tender Plants"

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Cactus1LR.jpg framedpainting.jpg

"The Wilderness will Rejoice" 1

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LRcactus3.jpg framedpainting.jpg

"The Wilderness will Rejoice" 2

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drapingroses1.jpg framedpainting.jpg

"Abundant Supply"

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orangeflowers.jpg framedpainting.jpg


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ClayPotCactus.jpg framedpainting.jpg

"We Are The Clay"

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"Strutting Rooster"
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"Strutting Rooster"

Custom Oil Painting MargaretLR.jpg

Custom Oil Painting

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"Rise from the Ends of the Earth" paintededges2.jpg

"Rise from the Ends of the Earth"

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LRjesushands.jpg mariaportrait-1796.jpg

"Surrounded by Your Glory"

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