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Portrait Packages

Headshots & Senior Portraits

Headshots & Senior Portraits

from 175.00

Tier 1 $375

+ 60-minute session, on location

+ 25 hand-edited images

+3 wardrobe changes

Tier 2 $275

+ 45-minute session, on location

+ 20 hand-edited images

+2 wardrobe changes

Tier 3 $175

+ 30-minute session, in studio or on location

+ 15 hand-edited images

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— Maria Portrait takes into consideration the wishes of the client, then uses the correct color and composition to create the best images.

— Maria Portrait chooses, edits and retouches the most flattering photos to create a variety of images. Suggested retouches at the time of the shoot are included in the price.

— Maria Portrait uses flattering light, lenses and composition. The client is responsible for hair, clothing and clean faces. Small children don’t always smile at the camera, and that’s okay. 

— For “Lifestyle”, at-home sessions, a large, uncluttered area with good window light must be provided at the time the session begins.

— For “Classic” on-location or studio sessions, arriving late may result in less final images due to the loss of optimal sunlight.

— For “Lifestyle Newborn” and "Studio Newborn" sessions:

  • SLEEPING - Babies take up to 90 minutes to pose and photograph sleeping. To get more newborn images, keep your baby awake before the shoot. You can feed the baby while Maria sets up.
  • SIBLINGS - Maria Portrait works with the mom to achieve this while siblings are being watched by another adult, preferably in another part of the house or away from home.
  • SETUP - For in-home sessions, Maria will need large, uncluttered areas near large windows.

— The client is responsible to save the files to 2 hard drives (or cloud storage) for backup.

— provides the best color/quality prints.

— Packages include high-resolution, digital images with print release. The client is responsible to download the images within two weeks.