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Squarespace Tutorial

Backend Website Tutorial

Please read this tutorial and the tutorial links that apply to you before your live overview with Maria. Design Blossoms offers email support for 4 weeks after your website is launched.

Additional pages, photographs or PDF's may be requested at any time for an additional charge. View a la carte pricing.

Maintaining Your Design

Design Blossoms has created an amazing website for you. You can easily maintain the site, add blog posts, products and change wording without losing that strong design. Here are some pointers to keep your new website looking professional:

  • Leave the Style Editor the way Design Blossoms has set up.
  • Use the correct text Format. Only use the "Headings" text format for short titles. Use "normal" text format for sentences and paragraphs.
  • Don't crowd your pages with ads, pop-up

Blogging with Squarespace

  • After your website is launched, you are responsible to maintain your blog. You can find beautiful blog images and even title templates, and social media graphics in the Design Blossoms Shop. Also, here's my post on creating professional graphics.
  • Create more professional looking graphics in
  • Here is the Squarespace tutorial on how to create a blog post:

Creating Image Graphics

Use your custom Design Blossoms' photos to create blog and social media title graphics using

Opt-in Forms

Opt-in forms link to your MailChimp account to grow your contact list. Emails are a great way to keep your potential customers up-to-date or to send them your latest blog post.

Design Blossoms can create a designed email template for you in Mailchimp but you will need to be able to send emails, set up automation and control your lists.

Adding Content with "blocks"

A block in your new Squarespace site is how you add content. You add a text "block", an image "block", and button "block", etc.

Be sure and keep images under 2000 pixels. You can edit the size of the image in your image "block".

Adding Products to Your Shop

Squarespace ecommerce is included in all Squarespace plans. It uses Stripe to process payment.

Creating products is fun and easy. Duplicate a product that Design Blossoms has set up for you and edit it.

After you've created your products, you add them to your shop page with the products "block".