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Website FAQ

Website FAQ

Q: Do I need to set up my Domain & Hosting before I hire Maria Portrait?

A: For right now, you don't need to set up your domain, hosting or even squarespace account. I can design your website with my Squarespace account. When the design is ready, you can purchase your Squarespace subscription. Then, I would transfer the designed website over to your account. Last, you would purchase your domain name.

Q: Where do I get my Domain Name and Web Hosting from? 

Your Domain Name and Web Hosting can be purchased through Squarespace. Search available names here, but don't purchase it before you have your Squarespace subscription. Squarespace includes SSL security certificates and privacy from domain crawlers in the $20, no hidden fees like GoDaddy. You could get the first year's $20 domain and hosting waived by purchasing your annual website subscription from Squarespace. You have to sign up for the annual subscription first before you'll see the domain listed as free when you go to register it.

Q: Why Squarespace?

Squarespace is the content manager with the best responsive design. That means your web design will adjust beautifully if it is being viewed on a computer screen or mobile device. It is also so user-friendly that you can add content and blog posts to your website after the designer has set it up. It also integrates automatically with many different features. I custom design your blank Squarespace template, make the site function correctly and then show you how to use it. You can start with the smallest Squarespace subscription and then upgrade if you need to later. Here are the prices

Q: Can I sell things on my Squarespace site?

Yes! All Squarespace subscriptions offer e Commerce through Stripe which is built into Squarespace and helps you process orders. You only get charged when a transaction is made. It's around 3%. All credit card transaction services charge a similar fee. Here's more info on Stripe

Q: How can my website help me grow my email list?

I can set up an opt-in form on your website that sends email addresses to your MailChimp account. MailChimp is a third-party service that connects seamlessly to Squarespace. It helps you send designed emails, collect email address and even sends automated emails. You can sign up for MailChimp FREE until you need the automation.